Septic Services

Great Valley Septic Service offers the following Services:


Although an inspection is not a warranty it is an objective evaluation of the condition of your investment. Knowing what the condition is and how the system is operating is crucial in today's home buying and selling market.

  • PSMA Inspection cost is $325.00
  • Hydraulic Loading Test cost is $425.00 ( if water is provided by an onsite source such as onsite well or public water connection)

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  • Repairs, replacements and installations
  • Pump station and control panel repair
  • Access ports and inspection ports
  • Lines and baffles replaced
  • Distribution box repairs / replacement
  • Septic tank replacement


Certified Installer of:  
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Eco Flow / Pura Flow peat filters
  • Sand Mound / At grade beds
  • Infiltrator chamber systems
  • Stream Discharge
  • All conventional systems
*We are on Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protections List of Certified Installers. dep_pa  
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Other Services

  • Arranged tank pumping and cleaning
  • Soil evaluation and percolation testing
  • Wastewater treatment plant maintenance
  • Consultation and Evaluation

Septic Tank Pumping


Perc Testing